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Campfire Popcorn - Great fun. Give it a try.

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published May 2014; updated May 2023.

Campfire popcorn is great fun to cook with the kids while camping. You can hear the popcorn exploding into life. Cook over a campfire or BBQ.

Cooking popcorn over the campfire is great fun. It's as if the popcorn comes alive!

Cooking popcorn over the campfire

Cooking popcorn over the campfire

Campfire popcorn is a great thing to try with your kids when camping.

You can buy popping popcorn quite cheaply. Please don't get the microwave popcorn unless it says it can be cooked over a stove (it is also more expensive).

Cooking the Popcorn in a Dutch Oven over the Campfire

We put the popcorn in our Dutch Oven, which has a heavy lid, and raised it over the campfire using our Landmann Tripod & Grill.

We could hear many little explosions inside, and one or two of the popcorn would escape if we opened the lid.

Leaving the hot Dutch oven on the ground afterwards with the lid off, it looked like the whole mass of popcorn was breathing as it expanded and shrank in the pot.

Cooking Campfire Popcorn with Foil

You could hear the popcorn in some foil if you don't have something like a Dutch Oven.

  • Layout a sheet of foil and place some popcorn in it. (Your popcorn cooking instructions may require a bit of oil).
  • Fold the sheet over, but leave plenty of space. You want to end up with a roomy parcel.
  • Place the foil into warm embers - not directly on the fire. This will be warm enough to make the popcorn pop, and you'll end up with a puffed-out foil bag of popcorn.

If you don't have a campfire, you can cook the popcorn over a bbq and, of course, a stove - but use a pan with a lid.

Seasoning the Popcorn

Using the collapsable bowl with popcorn

How you season your popcorn is up to you.

We had it plain, and the cooking was a lot more enjoyable than the eating, is all I'm going to say!