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November 4, 2018

We all know how important it is for children to read, so when Pavilion books asked us to check out a book about nature ( a great combination ) we jumped at the chance.

Wildlife Jack, the book is based on the first episode of the new children’s series on the Disney Channel. It’s about a boy who sets off an adventure explore the natural world, in the hope that kids watching it are inspired to drag their parents out so that they can get outside and explore too. The author is Ed Kellie, a tv director who was inspired to create the ‘Wildlife Jack’ series by his boys’ love of animals.

The book is titled I want to fly. The adventure for Jack Starts when his grandad  opens his magical book and Jack’s world transforms into an exciting wildlife adventure. In this book Jack wants to learn how to fly like a bird.

Beautiful Illustrations in the Wildlife Jack Book

The book is beautifully illustrated in a child friendly way. The story is the right length to hold children’s attention and told in an appealing way to fire children’s imaginations and provoke questions about wildlife.

I read the book to our youngest, who really enjoyed the story and wanted to join Jack on his adventures! My youngest was able to read some of the book himself with a bit of help with the more difficult words. The story is educational with little wildlife facts thrown in as the story develops. ( This was a rather appropriate story for us, as we have great tits nesting in the garden! )

The best place to read a nature book is outside!

At the back and front of the book there are some additional lovely wildlife facts. For example ‘Ducks can sleep while floating on water‘ This is a nice touch and very interesting. We learnt lots!!

This is a brilliant book to introduce children to nature and an excellent way to encourage children to get outside and be interested in wildlife. A great addition to our book collection and of course the best place to read a nature book is outside!

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