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Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids

Posted by Shell Grayston.
First Published Mar 2016; updated May 2023.

The Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids is a great book for children to learn all sorts of useful skills that can be useful to them whatever they end up doing in life.

Now my youngest is probably an average reader for his age ( 7 ). He doesn't spontaneously pick up a book and read I have to encourage and ask him to read on a daily basis.

So when I heard about a book called the Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids I had to give this book a go!

Would this be the book that he would be enthused to read? Well, Santa received my request and delivered one in his Christmas stocking.

About the book

Real-life explorer Justin Miles writes the book. His adventures include exploring the Artic, climbing mountains, exploring deserts and jungles. This little book is packed full of useful information about exploring the outdoors.

The chapters:

  • Prepare to explore covering, essential kit, first aid, etc
  • Essential survival skills - lighting a fire, tying knots, building shelters
  • Exploring extremes - Polar regions
  • High altitude
  • Wild wet rainforests
  • Deadly Deserts

Book Contents

At the end of each exploring section is a Q-and-A section with author Justin Miles, where he answers questions about his own experiences in these extreme conditions. This adds to the authentic of the book.

The book is aimed at children. The style of the book I can best describe is like 'Newsround' snippets of useful information in a child- friendly format.

Short informative pieces of information broken up with interesting pictures and graphics help to engage the child in reading and stop them getting bored and distracted. This book successfully achieves the right level of information, enough to convey the message, but not too much to overload the child with information.

We've been reading this book, just a couple of pages every night, and my little reader loves it. He is willing to read, so no more reading battles for now!!

Reading the Ultimate Explorer Guide

I'm surprised by how much information he absorbed from this book. He recalled the other day about the SOS signal and what to do.... I was very impressed! We had a go at learning some of the knots like the book suggested. We are no knot experts but taught ourselves three fundamental knots that will come in handy when we are out on our adventures.

Trying out the knots

The book isn't just about exploring extreme locations but about what's on your doorstep.

Tips, facts and tricks of the trade for everyday adventures.

I nearly forgot to mention the book comes with a little compass attached to it, which can be removed from the book if you want by cutting it off.

We have kept ours attached to the book and used it as a bookmark to navigate through it!

The book's layout
The compass
The ultimate explorer guide
The book

We highly recommend this book.  Every little explorer should have one.

The book is inspiring, formative and an excellent way to encourage children to get outside and take an interest in the world.