Guyrope Gourmet: A Camping Cookbook

November 13, 2018

If you want to cook up something special at camp, have a read of the Guyrope Gourmet’s book for some great inspiration on what you can cook at camp.

Guyrope Gourmet: A Camping Cookbook

I met Josh, the Guyrope Gourmet, at a recent Outwell show.

Josh, the Guy rope Gourmet

This is no cookbook created by someone who has never set foot on a campsite. Josh cooks at campsites and events up and down the country.

At the show, he was there with his green Dub, Outwell drive-away awning, and Outwell kitchen and gas stove (see his ‘Office’) picture below.

This cookbook is not for the backpacker, but if you’re a family camper like us, you’ll find lots of different ideas to spice up your cooking at the campsite. Just see his Monty Zoomer recipe below.

But don’t be put off by the ‘Gourmet’ bit. There are lots of simple and fun recipes to try that will be a great hit with families, such as his ‘Eggs in a Mess’.

This book, “A Camping Cookbook” is in association with Outwell, and they wouldn’t put their name to anything that wasn’t up to their high standards.

You don’t need to go camping to try these. Remember your camping gear is great for throwing a garden party in the Summer or Bonfire party in the Autumn, and you’ll find plenty of ideas in this book that will satisfy friends and family.

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