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Family Camping Cookbook - Scout Essential Camping Cookbook

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published May 2014; updated May 2023.

We review two camping cookbooks: The Family Camping Cookbook and the Scouts Essential Camping Cookbook.

The Family Camping Cookbook

Family Camping Cookbook

I really like the Family Camping Cookbook, by Tiff & Jim Easton.  They cover a lot of the food we love to cook, and while we already have most of the recipes, I got a good deal on Amazon and decided to buy it.

Inside the Family Camping Cookbook

The book is divided into different themes: Quick Escapes, By the Beach, In the Country, and Festivals and Parties, with food appropriate for each.

It also has a few tips, such as building a fire, scattered throughout.

The recipes are presented clearly and easy to follow and are often accompanied by a picture of the result.

Another useful feature of this book is the Meal Plans in each section. You get a meal plan for younger children, a meal plan for older kids, and a meal plan for vegetarians. There's also a handy shopping list with each meal plan.

If you're looking for a book to inject some new ideas into your family camping meals, the Family Camping Cookbook is worth getting, as well as checking out our Camping Recipes of course 😉

The Essential Camping Cookbook or How To Cook An Egg In An Orange And Other Scout Recipes

The Essential Camping Cookbook or how to cook an Egg in an Orange and other scout recipes

This book from the Scouts has to have one of the longest titles for a camping cookbook. Let's call it The Essential Camping Cookbook, by Tim Allen.

Inside the scout cookbook

This book comes as a hardback and is a bit larger than the Family Camping Cookbook, but it doesn't necessarily have more recipes.

It does contain a lot of Scout classic recipes, but also many others that are a little more refined than most Scout camps 😉

As you would expect with a book from Scouts, there are tips on lighting a fire, choosing the correct wood, and cooking methods.

The recipes are well-presented, easy to follow, and most have pictures.

It's a good camping cookbook, and we've already tried a few recipes.

So, which cookbook is best?

Well, I couldn't decide when buying, and so I got a good deal on both 😉

But if you could only buy one, which one would we recommend?

Unfortunately, it's a hung jury in our household. Having gone through both, half of us slightly like one over the other, and there's no clear winner.

Family Camping Cookbook - I think this has more recipes, details on how many a dish serves, prep time, and cooking time, plus the meal plans are useful.

The Scouts Essential Camping Cookbook - The larger sizes mean it's easier to read (easier to flick through while watching TV to plan your camping meals for the weekend). Plus, there are some useful tips.

So sorry, I can't help you with which one is best. You'll have to decide for yourself (or cop out and get both, as I did).