Books for Family Adventures and Kids Activities

Here’s a selection of a few books that you may find useful for your family adventures.

Do You Accept Your Mission to Get Your Little Troopers Active?

We’ve been trying out a number of great kids activities from the book “Commando Dad”.

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Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids

The Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids is a great book for children to learn all sorts of useful skills that can be useful to them whatever they end up doing in life.

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A Family Guide to Bushcraft

Bushcraft and survival techniques are a useful life skill teach your children. Plus, some of the activities may be fun to do, such as building a den. This book helps you teach these things to your kids.

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Wildlife Jack I want fly book

Wildlife Jack wants to learn to fly….. we review one of the books from the hit TV kids series.

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Learning with Nature – Book Review

Learning with Nature is a fantastic new book for helping you get your kids outside, have fun, and learn at the same time.

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Campfire Stories for Kids (free download)

You can’t go camping without a campfire, and can’t have a campfire without campfire stories. Here’s our free download of Campfire Stories for Kids.

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Family Camping Cookbook & Scout Essential Camping Cookbook

We review a couple of camping cookbooks: The Family Camping Cookbook and the Scouts Essential Camping Cookbook.

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Guyrope Gourmet: A Camping Cookbook

If you’re a family camper then have a look at A Camping Cookbook from the Guyrope Gourmet. Josh (the Guyrope Gourmet) has put real recipes in this book…

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Making Tracks: Children’s Walking Book Review

Making Tracks is a collection of children’s walking books for popular regions around the UK, with excellent designs and lots for your kids to do.

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Outdoor books for kids – Cooking, Making, and Nature

Here’s a collection of books for kids. From campfire cooking, to den making, to discovering nature.

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