The String Walk

June 14, 2020

What do you do when you’re kids are “too tired” (they think) to carry on? We look at another idea to keep them motivated.

Kids don’t always want to ‘go for a walk’. When they are in this mindset, any slight hill on a long looking path can make them moan that they are too tired.

However, as any parent knows, as soon as they’re not thinking about it, they’re running around with more energy than the adults.

We’ve found the problem can be even worse when you have a group of kids that are many years apart.

There is a solution though: distract them with a different activity. We’ve found they’ll often return to the walk with renewed enthusiasm….at least for a while.

Here’s another little activity to entertain your kids that’s particularly useful if you are going for a walk in the woods or near trees.

Now one thing that woods have plenty of are sticks, one of the oldest toys in the world. This activity doesn’t use sticks though (see The Magic Stick for a game with sticks). Instead, it uses another classic toy: string.

The String Walk

All you need is a good length of string, rope, or cord and sense of adventure! We decided to give it a go!

Tie a line between some trees

Tie a line between some trees

Tie a long rope (we used paracord) around objects, we used trees, but you could use anything you come across. You are trying to make a course that the kids will follow blindfolded….so important: don’t let them see you set up the course.

You can make the course as easy or difficult as you want for your children’s ages.

A course that that crosses different terrain makes it more interesting and challenging for the children (though obviously avoid trip hazards).

Blindfold the players

Blindfold the players

Using a buff or a scarf as a blindfold, lead your child to the start of the rope. It’s best to have someone at the end of the trail to meet them.

See if they can follow the route through the trees

See if they can follow the route through the trees

This activity can be adapted to suit your family, making it more challenging for older ones. For example, get them to hold a cup of water as they follow the trail. The one who has the most water left at the end of the trail is the winner. There’s sure to be some water spilt as they negotiate the terrain!

Follow the string

Follow the string

For another twist, you could try the walk barefoot! A great way for your kids to use their senses.

So the next time you’re setting off on a walk, pack a length of string or cord in your backpack.

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This activity was inspired from the Learning With Nature book.

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