The Magic Stick

December 4, 2014

You can play just about anything with a stick, so think just what you could do with a a magic stick….

The Magic Stick Game

Sticks are natural ‘toys’.  They can be anything you want them to be, from a magic wand, to a bow and arrow.

You can make things from them and play games with them.

Here’s a very simple game you can play with a stick that can be played anywhere.

The Magic Stick Game

Get everyone to face each other around a stick
All you need is a long stick about 1.5m in length.

This is probably best played with  a group of 5-8 people, through we made it work with  four people!

Carefully raise the stick - remember to keep it level
Arrange the group in two lines facing each other and get them to hold their index finger out. This is what they are going to hold the stick with. Explain to the group they must not lose contact with the stick and must keep their fingers straight and not hooked over or below the stick.

Raise the stick above your head - keeping it level
This is not as easy  as it sounds. We kept hooking our fingers under the stick ( see picture ). I think we need some more practice!!

Set the group the challenge of lowering the stick to the ground.

This game can easily be adapted for the group. For older children you could make it more difficult by playing it blindfolded. Set a stopwatch and see how long it takes to complete the challenge. Experiment with different length sticks, is it easier or more difficult to do?


This game was great fun. We really enjoyed playing it lots of laughter along the way. What games do you like to  play with sticks?


Learning with Nature Book Review
This activity was inspired from the Learning With Nature book.

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