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Laser Combat

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Jan 2015; updated May 2023.

Laser Combat: Combining video games with the outdoors for some family fun in the woods.

We recently enjoyed a great game of laser combat. 'Laser what?' you might me thinking...

Laser Combat

What is Laser Combat?

Double trouble team

When you play Laser Combat, you run around, shooting toy guns at one another. It's great fun for kids and adults.

You wear a special hat that has sensors on it.

When another player or a player from another team shoots you with their gun, the sensor is triggered. You have several lives until you are out of the game.

It's very much like playing a video game, but you are running around outdoors.

Laser Combat vs. Paintballing

Bright pink is not good camouflage

Bright pink is not good camouflage

Laser Combat could be thought of as a modern version of paintballing.

Instead of balls of paint being fired at people, it uses electronic sensors.

The problem with paint balls is that they can hurt when they hit you, and so you have to wear protective clothing. This is not the case with Laser Combat.

Laser Combat is much more suitable for kids and families to enjoy together.

Is Laser Combat suitable for smaller children

Boy soldier kitted out for laser combat

Where we played the youngest age was six, which was luckily the age of our smallest child.

There were smaller guns for younger kids, and our little lad absolutely loved playing it.

Will you like Laser Combat?

Dad taking it seriously

Firstly, you don't have to like guns or 'playing soldiers' for laser combat. It's good fun, and if you have a good course, it can be a bit like a game of hide and seek.

Secondly, to the kids it will feel like a video game, but instead of being stuck behind a screen, they are running around outside. In fact, it can be surprisingly good exercise.

Oh, and be prepared to get muddy!