Seedballs: From little things grows big things

October 15, 2014

You don’t always have to go far to get out with your kids. You can have fun in the garden too. We’ve been making ‘seedballs’…

Making Seedballs wText

When the evenings get lighter and longer, filled with warm sunshine, you just want to get outside in the garden. Now we don’t have a large garden (which we would love) and what we do have is filled with the kids toys (trampoline, sandpit, etc.), but we like the garden to look reasonably tidy and colourful and usually pot up some plants in containers for summer.

Keen to involve the the kids in a bit go gardening we decided to have a go at making our own ‘seedballs‘.

What’s a seedball?

Seedballs are an organic way to grow plants. Essentially everything the plant needs are packed into these little balls, which are a mix of seed, clay, peat-free compost, and a little bit of chilli powder.

It’s simple, and using nature to protect nature.

The clay dries to create a hard shell to the ball, that stops birds or ants from poaching the seeds. However, rainwater can get absorbed by the clay, making the nutrient rich peat moist, creating an ideal environment for the seeds to germinate.

And the chilli? Well as the seeds start sprouting from the ball that little bit of chilli powder should help keep ‘pests’ away, with no pesticides used.

Getting a Seedball Kit

Seedball kit contents - everything you need to make your own seedballs
The seedballs kit arrived in the post from Seedball. You can order kits from them (click here to see Seedball Kits).  These seedball kits are part of Project Maya, so if you buy a kit, you’re not only going to improve your local environment, but also do good for the wider environment 😉

The kids were very excited and intrigued with the prospect of making their own seedballs.

The bags were clearly labelled with their content and an instruction leaflet provided.

The making process

Seedball contents
The first step was to mix all the ingredients together (just like making a cake!!).

As this involves mixing in chilli dust (which is optional) it is recommended that this is done by an adult.

Mixing the seedballs
It was then time to let the kids loose and get them involved!

A little bit of water was added at a time until the mixture resembled the consistency of play dough.

Rolling seed balls
Now you can probably guess what happened here. The kids got a little enthusiastic at this point and added a little too much water.  Not a problem. By adding some more compost to compensate this was easily sorted out.

Messy fun making seedballs
Next came the fun part rolling the balls!

The seadball muddy hand dance!
Now kids being kids, they got into a little bit of a mess doing this, and even got into the seedball spirit with a little dance around the table!!!

Drying out the Seedballs

Drying the Seedballs out on a tray in the airing cupboard
When all the balls had been made we put them in a tray and left them in a warm location in the house to (airing cupboard ) to dry out.

This drying process only took a couple of days.  We then moved them into the garage where they were cool and dry till we were ready to scatter.

Being able to scatter them when you want is useful, especially with the great British weather.

Scattering the Seedballs

Scattering the seed balls. No need to bury them.
We left the seedballs a couple of weeks before the scattering began!

This bit is really easy: no planting, just scattering on top of the soil.

Planting our Seedballs
Now the kids got a little creative at this point and started making faces with them. A little bit of persuasion to scatter them properly and the scattering was complete.

Inspecting seedballs
Everyday, we popped out to check on them, the kids watered them, waiting for them to sprout.

Even the rabbit ( X-ray ) was intrigued.

Inspecting the seed balls - little balls of sprouting plants now
We didn’t  have to wait long before we saw them sprouting.

Making the seedballs was great fun, the kids really enjoyed it and seemed to get a lot out of it.

There’s something special and satisfying about making your own seedballs. We are now just waiting for them to grow and fill the garden with colour.

Here’s a little video we put together.

Wildflower seedballs
The plants we’re growing are mixed wildflowers. Hopefully something the bee’s (who are nesting in our garden), will like.

Here’s a shocking fact Seedballs told us about.


As they grow we will update this post with a few more pictures.

Disclaimer: Thanks to SeedBalls for sending us the Wild Flower mix to review. All opinions are our own.

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