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Pinecone Hedgehogs

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Dec 2014; updated May 2023.

Our little lad made these pinecone hedgehogs. They're easy to make, and learn about how pinecones change with the weather.

Our little boy created these pinecone hedgehogs all by himself and learnt something about pinecones in the process...

Making this little hedgehog family was something our little boy came up with himself.

  • He collected some pinecones from outside.
  • Found an old shoebox and coloured it in the bottom with crayons. This was going to be their den.
  • Then he stuck on some eyes (we always keep a supply ready to hand!),
  • and blue tacked on some fluffy balls for noses.
Little Hedgehog Family

He was very proud of his little hedgehog family (recently inspired by finding a baby hedgehog that hadn't hibernated and was taken off to the vet).  

But what happens to pinecones when they dry out?

The hedgehog family has changed!

The hedgehog family has changed!

The pine cones were picked on a cold, damp Winter day, but after being indoors overnight, the little hedgehogs had transformed!

When the humidity level is up, pinecones close up. As the weather dries out, they open out.

Creating some little hedgehogs could be a useful activity with your kids.

Pick them on a wet day, leave them overnight, and watch them transform.