Making Things
Making a Rudolf at Christmas Forest School

Making a wooden Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a great activity we did at Forest School. Great fun in the woods in the run up to Christmas.

Making a Bird Feeder out of a Recycled Plastic Bottle

Here's something you can get out and do in the garden with your kids: make a bird feeder out of an old plastic bottle. Let the kids decorate it.

How to make a Bug Hotel for Winter

Making a bug hotel is a great Autumn project for you and your kids in the garden. It's good for the environment and your garden too.

Kidcampz: Making a Den / Tent / House / whatever you can think of!

Kidcampz is a flexible den and play tent set. Easy for your kids to make lots of different shelters. Great indoors and out.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Kids just love halloween. Here's a collection of great halloween crafts for kids. Get out that glue, sticky tape, and scissors and get making your own scary ...

Building a Den

Here are some simple steps to building a den outside for your kids. A den is great in the back garden, on a picnic, or when you go camping.

Get Out With The Kids
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