Easter Crafts for Kids

April 9, 2020

Too wet to get the kids out during the Easter school holidays? Here are a few crafty ideas we’ve pinned up to help you keep your kids occupied.

Some Favourites

Here are a few favourites we’ve come across that’s a little bit different to the normal Easter stuff…

Easter Bunny Loo Rolls

Glue on his ears

Glue on the bunny ears

These are a really simple bit of recycling and really easy to make.

  1. Get some used cardboard rolls.
  2. Cut out some bunny ears.
  3. Glue the ears to the rolls.
  4. Add or draw on some eyes.
  5. Draw on the face….and there you have. A loo roll Easter bunny!
Easter Bunny Loo Rolls

The finished loo roll Easter bunnies!

Easter Minions

No doubt you’ve seen Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. These egg shaped Minions are great idea from athriftymon.com

Easter Eggs for the Birds

I like this as it’s not about eating lots of chocolate eggs but giving something back to nature.

These birdseed eggs are a great ideal.

Unfortunately, the ones in the image are shop-bought, but I found an article on how to shape bird seed eggs, so this could be an interesting little project. You can read about how to shape bird seed here.

More Easter Crafts

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