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10 Things Your Kids can do with Conkers

Posted by Shell Grayston.
First Published Oct 2014; updated May 2023.

During Autumn, conkers are a favourite of kids to collect - but what do you do with them all? Here are ten ideas of things you can do with all those conkers.

Autumn is the season for collecting.

It's hard for kids to resist walking past a conker tree and not collecting the shiny bounty on the ground.

Glam Conkers

On our way home from school, we always stop at our favourite tree and come back with pockets full of conkers (tip always take a bag, you always come home with more than you think!)

So what do you do with the conkers when you get home? We've come up with some ideas to make use of them.

1 Use conkers for practising counting

Can you count in 2, 5, 10's, etc? For little ones, which are the biggest, smallest, and shiniest? You could also make patterns, shapes, and pictures from them.

2 Play that good old-fashioned game of conkers

Just remember to play safely and keep away from eyes.

3 Paint and decorate them

Conker Painting

We painted some, then decorated them with shiny craft bits we found at home.

This simple activity kept our youngest busy for a few hours!

We tried printing with them, which works best with flat conkers.

4 Fend off spiders

Placing conkers around the house on windowsills is said to keep the spiders away. Not sure how true this is and have not tried it, but may be worth a go to keep the spiders at bay!

5 Kick a conker as you walk

Good when out walking to motivate tired little legs to keep walking that last little bit. Can you kick it all the way home? Back to the car? Or to wherever you are heading?

6 Make conker people

A conker rabbit

A conker rabbit

Use natural materials around this time of year to get crafty leaves, twigs, and acorns to make Conker people or animals.

7 Play a game with them

Set a target, for example, a stone. Who can roll their conker the closest to the target wins!

8 Play catch

If you are outside, play catch with them. They are good for those catching skills! Maybe a little tricky for very little kids.

9 Make some jewellery

Drill two holes in them, thread some string through, and have a bracelet or necklace.

10 Have a go at a conker and spoon race

It could be a simple race, or for older kids, make an obstacle course that they must also tackle!!

Making Conker People

There are lots of things to do with conkers!