Making Things

Making ThingsSometimes it’s good to get all creative and make something with your kids.

Here’s a few ideas. Some can be done whilst out and about (such as building a den in the woods), and some can be done at home.

Pumpkin Carving

It’s the time of year for pumpkin carving! Here are some helpful tips and templates to help your family create your own Halloween pumpkin lantern.

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Building a Wooden Knife

Teaching kids about knives can save a whole lot of accidents later. This great little kit helps with that by getting your child to assemble their own wooden knife.

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How to make a Christmas Bird Feeder

Don’t forget the birds at Christmas. You can create some great festive Christmas bird feeders.

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Making a Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Don’t let your carved pumpkin go to waste. Turn it into a bird feeder.

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Creating your own Ice Sculptures

When the temperature falls below freezing you can create your own ice sculptures. This is a great activity to do with the kids at home.

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Pinecone Hedgehogs

Our little lad made these pinecone hedgehogs. They’re really easy to make and learn about how pinecones change with the weather.

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(Tiny) Raft Making

Bring some string to help make these tiny rafts

Sometimes the smallest of things can keep the kids busy. Here we make a tiny raft out of twigs – raft making on a tiny scale. Make a few and have a race.

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Fun Halloween food to make with your kids

There are some simple and fun Halloween food that you can make with your kids. We look at some of our favourites that we’ll be making for our Halloween party.

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10 Things Your Kids can do with Conkers

During Autumn conkers are a favourite of kids to collect – but what do you do with them all? Here’s 10 ideas of things you can do with all those conkers.

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Leaf Art Ideas to help with those Autumn Walks

Autumn is a great time of year for family walks: little kids can stay motivated by finding different leaves. Here’s some leaf art ideas that you can do.

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