What will your family discover?

November 4, 2018

What will you disciver

We’ve written before how we think an appreciation of nature is essential when encouraging kids to get outdoors.

An appreciation of nature is essential when encouraging kids to get outdoors.

An appreciation of nature is essential when encouraging kids to get outdoors.

An app for your phone we previously reported on, allowed you to photo plants and animals, and using your GPS, allowed scientists to learn about the biodiversity of a region. Unfortunately that app was for only one part of the UK.

However, there is an alternative, and one that captures information world wide: iNaturalist.

The iNaturalist AppiNaturalist App

This app is available either from the Apple App Store or from the Android Store.

It’s very simple to use.

After you have installed the app you must first create an iNaturalist account, which you can do in the app. You can also sign-in with Facebook.

Using the app is straightforward.

  1. Find something interesting
  2. Take a photo

The app will probably ask permission to use your camera, access your phone’s GPS so that it can record the location of what you found, and access your photos where the picture is stored.

After taking the photo you can then sync it with iNaturalist when you are at home and connected to Wi Fi, so that your wildlife photos and location information can be uploaded and made available to scientists.

Other things in the app is the ability to see what others have found near you, a leader board, and Projects…

National Geographic’s ‘The Great Nature Project’

iNaturalist - Powered by iNaturalistUnder Projects you can sign up to different projects that are running, making your observations available to those projects.

The National Geographic is running a global biodiversity project called The Great Nature Project.

Between 15th May and 25th May 2015, there’s a big push to get a snap shot of Biodiversity around the world.

I’ve only managed to take a photo of a garden snail so far….but it’s a start 😉

My Snail on the Great Nature Project

Take up the challenge

So if you’re taking your kids out, why not install iNaturalist app first, get snapping, and help scientists understand the biodiversity of your area.

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