5 Tips On What Bow To Get Your Child

October 21, 2018

What Bow to get your Child

As a father, I know just how hard it is to get my son’s away from the TV or the games console. When my youngest had shown an interest in archery, I wanted to encourage that as much as possible. Not only would it help get him outside in the fresh air, but there are so many additional benefits to kids taking up archery.

When looking at what bow to get them, there are so many options. It is essential to get the right one for them; if it’s not right, they will struggle to get the power or the aim they need to hit the target. Over time this will lower motivation, and soon enough they might give up on this great hobby/sport.

Below are five tips to help you choose the right bow for your child.


Tip #1: Recurve Bow Or Compound Bow?

There are two main types of bows: the recurve and the compound bow. Both of them are great in their own way and many children that I have spoken to prefer the look of the compounds. They can also be easier to use due to the let off they provide.

I would recommend starting with a recurve

Personally, I would recommend starting with a recurve; I find that these are the best bow to begin with to make their sure form, stance and posture is right. You will also find that compound bows can be a little more expensive to start off with.

A modern recurve bow

A modern recurve bow.
By Accountalive [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], from Wikimedia Commons

Tip #2: Getting The Right Draw Weight

The draw weight is the about of weight the archer is holding when the bow is fully drawn. For an adult this can be anywhere from 30-70 lb’s, a child’s would be much lower. It is very important to get the draw weight right, something too heavy and they will struggle to draw the bow fully and get the power needed.

It is very important to get the draw weight right

Below is a good guide on what draw weight you should get based on their age, this would vary though as body shape and fitness levels would contribute. If you are buying a bow from a decent store, they should be able to measure your child properly.

Age Draw Weight
6-8 10-13 lbs
9-13 14-24 lbs
14+ 25 lbs +


Tip #3: Make Sure The Bow Is Not Too Heavy

The weight of the bow also plays an important role, if it is too heavy for them to hold, then they will find it hard to aim, and after time it will no longer be fun. Most bows that are designed for kids have a similar weight, so this should be a major issue.

if it is too heavy for them to hold, then they will find it hard to aim,

It’s worth just thinking about it and having your son or daughter hold the bow for some time, making sure its the right weight for them.


Tip #4: Buying The Right Arrows

This is something that many people don’t think about, to be honest when I got into archery I didn’t either. I always thought arrows come in the same size but in actual fact they don’t, there is a range of different sizes.

This is something that many people don’t think about

If the arrow is too long, then they won’t be able to get the positioning and the power right when drawing the bowstring back. At the same time, if the arrow is too small then when they do pull back, it will simply drop off the arrow rest.

Typically arrow length will be around 28-30”, as they won’t have the draw weight to pull back any further than that. As mentioned above though, if you go to a store to buy this equipment they should be able to measure your child correctly.


Tip #5: Don’t Spend Too Much

The final tip and probably one I’d say is the most important, don’t spend too much money. Archery is great if on a budget as generally you don’t need a lot of equipment and most of that equipment will last a while.

Archery is great if on a budget

Unfortunately, children don’t stay children forever, and as they get older, they will need new equipment. As they practice, their strength will increase and so they will need higher draw weights.

Most children’s bows are reasonably priced. You can get one for £40-£70. This is ignoring the “toy” ones which are just not the same.

Child with Bow

Getting them started into archery…. 

I have covered tips on what bow to get, and so I thought it would be good to give some advice on how they can get started in this great sport.

We are lucky in the UK, as there are so many local clubs and ArcheryGB do so much to try and encourage families to get into archery. They have a club finder, so you should be able to find one in your area. Most clubs will have a range of junior members for your child to get to know and to shoot with.


Further Information On Archery for Kids

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