Learning Better Balance with the Ripstik X-Board

Move over skateboard – Ripstik coming through!  A fun alternative to the skateboard that also improves fitness.

What is a Ripstik?

The Ripstik is known as an x-board (also known as a vigor board).  Unlike a skateboard, an x-board only has two wheels: one on the front and one on the back.

Further unlike a skateboard, the front and back parts of the x-board twist.  This twisting feature helps you get momentum with out having to push.  It also carves a bit like a snowboard.

Sounds dangerous, so why might you want this for your kids?

  • Fitness.
    Studies have found  that the x-board design provides a cardiovascular workout (Salford University), and it has been adopted by schools to help fight obesity.
  • Strength.
    This activity helps strengthen the core muscles, which can help prevent injuries and bad posture (might be important if your child has to carry heavy school bags).
  • Balance.
    It requires practice to get going.  Balance, and confidence in balance, improves greatly.
  • Fun.
    This is fun (even for adults), if a little frustrating at first.
    We bought one this summer and had a great time.  It was especially good on a camp (that fortunately had a large flat road) after dark as the wheels glow when moving on our one.

Getting started with a Ripstik

Essentially you move your front foot one way, your back foot another way, or wobble your front foot…  just watch this video.

Where to get one

For smaller children, go for the compact board as that will be easier for them to manage.

Currently Amazon has a sale on these kids Ripstiks.

Otherwise Skatehut is pretty much your primary resource.

Remember, helmets, arm, and knee pads are a good idea.

Replacement Wheels

Skatehut also stock replacement wheels, which may be needed if your board sees a lot of action.

Amy’s Review

Get Out With The Kids - ReviewedThe Vigor board is quite hard to ride so you might need a parent or friend to help you at first.

You need a flat surface so you will be able to ride it. It is not like a skateboard where you push with your foot, instead you have to wiggle your legs, and try and balance.

At first it was not easy for me but every time I went on it I got better. Also it can go really fast.

Amy, aged 8

Got a Ripstik?

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