Hooting with the Owls

November 12, 2018

It’s great to hear the owls twit-twhoo-ing when you’re camping. Well here’s a little gadget so that your kids can join in…

Having a Hoot

When we were camping at Nipstone last September, we had plenty of tawny owls around us at night. That’s not surprising as the campsite was surrounded by woodland – a lot of it broadleaf woodland, which is where the owls prefer.

You certainly feel that you’re camping out in the countryside when the owls start their hooting at night.

Hooting like an Owl

Hooting in the woods

We’ve been trying out this great little owl hoot whistle from Flights of Fancy.

It’s meant to make the sound of a Tawny Owl, and if you hoot, you may get a hoot back.

We put together this little video so you can hear for yourself what this whistle sounds like.

As you can see it takes a bit of practice to imitate the sound of a Tawny Owl, but the results are effective.

Hooting with the owls

On a recent camp in spring we weren’t lucky with getting hoots back, possibly may have had one hoot back, but we will try again.

Even if you don’t get any hooting with the owls, this is a fun whistle to try at night. It certainly fooled other campers when we heard someone say “Listen, there’s an owl” 😉


Tawny Owl Hoot Whistle

The whistle provides a bit of entertainment after dark when camping but of course would be good on nighttime walks with the kids too.

As with most things, you can get one of these whistles from Amazon. There are also other bird sound whistles available.



The Tawny Owl & Best time for Hoots

Tawny owls are the most common species of owl in the UK – though strangely doesn’t exist over the Irish Sea in Ireland.

The owls are most vocal in Autumn, which explains why we got such good owl noises in September, and not so much in April.

The reason they make all the noise in Autumn is that the owls are marking their territory with their hoots. And they will violently defend their territory, as it is this territory that will feed the owl through the winter.

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