Finding Things

Finding ThingsNope, this is not how to find where you left your car keys.

This is about games that involve your kids finding things – which is always a great way to keep them occupied ;-)


Spotting Tracks – Can you find these footprints?

Going out with the kids? Take our track spotting sheet and see if you can find the footprints of our nature friends.

Download: Alphabet Scavenger Hunt Draw

Download this activity sheet to keep the kids busy. Ideal for camping, hiking, car or plane journeys, etc.

Finding Dinosaur Teeth & Other Fossils

Finding Dinosaur Teeth is an activity our little lad came up with, and could be a useful distraction when out on a walk. There are places though where you can ...

Autumn Scavenger Hunt – Great for Autumn Family Walks

Autumn is a great time of year for walks. If you are hiking with young kids, try this Autumn Scavenger Hunt to keep them motivated.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is your secret weapon as a parent to help get your kids outside for a walk. Read this to find out why.

Get Out With The Kids
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