Bonfire Night and Halloween Campfire Party – Make use of that camping gear

October 30, 2017

If you go camping you probably have everything you need for a great campfire halloween party. Read on for some ideas…

Having a halloween or bonfire party with your camping gear

Kids love dressing up for Halloween, but with bonfire night so close, combining the two makes sense.

If you’ve accumulated camping gear, put it to good use and bring the party outside. If you don’t have the right gear then this time of year is a fantastic time to pick up an end of season bargain and a bonfire party is an excellent excuse to test it out.

Campfire Party

Create the right atmosphere with a campfire.

If you have somewhere for a campfire you’ll be able and cook for people. And where else is better for a spooky story than by a campfire?

Have a look at our campfire cooking page for tips on cooking and recipe ideas.

If you don’t have room for a fire you could always use a fire pit. Have a look at our campfire BBQ/Pit and Tripod.

Campfire Party Meal Ideas

Here are a few ideas you could use at your Halloween campfire party.

Campfire cooked baked potatoes, with Phili cheese and garlic spread

Campfire Baked Potatoes

A warm baked potato is great on a cold bonfire night.

Follow this guide to cooking them on the fire.

Read more >

Preparing the apples for baking

Campfire Baked Apples

A great Autumn treat. These apples can be cooked using the bonfire.

Read more >


Sticky Chocolate Bananas

These are really simple to make.

Get the kids to put the chocolate in.

Read more >

Campfire Curry and Chapattis

You can either cook the curry over the campfire or inside and just serve up.

The Chapattis are what make this and are great when toasted warm over the fire.

Get the kids to make the Chapattis.

Read more >

A pocket pizza

Campfire Pocket Pizzas

These pocket pizzas can be cooked over the campfire.

Get the kids to fill the ‘toppings’ in their pizza.

Read more >

Campfire Bread Twists

These are really easy to make and for the kids to cook over the campfire.

Prepare some sticks beforehand.

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Campfire Spooky Stories

If your story telling is a bit rusty, we have some tips on telling a good campfire story. Read them here.

If you can’t think up some stories yourself you can get some campfire story books (though we’ve found the quality of their stories a bit variable).

What if it looks like rain?

No problem. Create a tarp shelter over your kitchen and near your fire.

When we had our campfire halloween party it didn’t rain, but I had the shelter up just in case.


Not enough chairs and tables in the garden? Get out your folding camping chairs and tables.

And at the end of the night when they say “You put a lot of effort into this. It was fun”, you can reply “It’s no effort when you know how. This is what it’s like when we go camping!”

You never know, you might convert some non-camping friends and family.

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