Back Garden Archery

April 9, 2020

Back garden archery in the back garden with the kids? Are you serious?! Yep!


Archery is something we all like, and have done it now at many attractions and forest school. I’m better than the kids at archery on the WII, but they’re better than me in real life (isn’t that meant to be the other way around?).

If you wanted to, there’s nothing stopping you getting a real (and deadly) bow and arrow set to use in the back garden, though it’s advisable to get a net to protect your neighbours!

There are also proper archery sets around for the whole family, including junior and adult bows.

However, we went for a safer (and cheaper) option and got a Stealth Archery Set.

Stealth Archery Set Review

Even the smaller ones can have a go

this is a toy, but it does feel like a junior bow and has some power behind it

OK, so this is a toy, but it does feel like a junior bow and has some power behind it – in fact, the manufacturer warns it is not for under 14s, though with very close supervision our four-year-old was fine with it (and they let him use a real one at attractions and forest school).

Kids Archery Set from Stealth

Inside the Stealth Archery set

Unlike a usual kids archery set, the Stealth arrows are plastic with a sucker at the end.

You still need to watch where they point it, but it’s a lot safer for everyone, and you don’t need a net in the back garden to protect your neighbours!

You can include another activity in making your own targets. Some Print and Colour sheets from CBBC or Nickelodeon are good. How many points for hitting SpongeBob anyone? Or what about a Cyberman in your own Dr Who themed archery targets?

We simply stuck the home-made target to some cardboard (save the box from Amazon that the set comes with), pushed some garden canes into the ground, and taped the cardboard target to the canes.

Stealth Kids Archery Set

The suction cups don’t stick too well (on the surfaces we tried), but that didn’t matter as they stayed on long enough to see what points you got on the target. (There’s a target on the back of the box, or make your own).

Another difference with a real bow is that you pass the arrow through a slot at the front. This does make it easier for novices but is perhaps the biggest difference in the feel of a real junior bow.

The archery set also folds away nicely.  The two ends of the bow connect to a slot on the handle.  Simply disconnect and the whole set, including arrows, folds up back into the box. So great for a sunny day in the back garden, or taking along to picnics, or even camping (though don’t scare your fellow campers and always supervise children).

We were really quite pleased with this set. Great fun on a sunny day. This is certainly something a bit different try and another string to your bow as a parent (sorry!).

If you’re interested in getting one for your family, click this link.

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