The Active Family Leader Board

Number 1 is the Grayston family (Gav Grayston) with 1435 points

Number 2 is the family (gareth_alexander) with 285 points

Number 3 is the Percival family (Lynne Percival) with 281 points

Number 4 is the Hanna family (Hanna Hanna) with 253 points

Number 5 is the Sharman family (Ns401) with 185 points

Number 6 is the Ashcroft family (Ash3) with 170 points

Number 7 is the Hall family (Robert Hall) with 148 points

Number 8 is the Hilditch family (Clare) with 132 points

Number 9 is the Burrell family (Loli.B) with 128 points

Number 10 is the Margulies family (Ben Margulies) with 128 points

Number 11 is the Kumakura family (Megan Kumakura) with 124 points

Number 12 is the Elsden family ([email protected]) with 122 points

Number 13 is the williams family (AWilli1) with 121 points

Number 14 is the family (jewelflower71) with 117 points

Number 15 is the Calvet family (Sue Calvet) with 116 points

Number 16 is the Evans family (evans03) with 111 points

Number 17 is the Hussain family (Ishtaq Hussain) with 103 points

Number 18 is the Lonsdale family (Katie Lonsdale) with 101 points

Number 19 is the Fisher family (Jake Fisher) with 100 points

Number 20 is the Grayston family (Shell Grayston) with 95 points

Number 21 is the Morgan family (Victoria Morgan) with 92 points

Number 22 is the Gray family (Linda Gray) with 83 points

Number 23 is the User family (Test User) with 82 points

Number 24 is the Cresswell family (Fiona Cresswell) with 81 points

Number 25 is the Jeavons family (Jeanette Jeavons) with 80 points

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