A child-sized sit-on-top kayak. A bread idea for family paddling.
Osprey Kiddy Kayak

Sit-on tops are great for kids: they are very buoyant, very stable, and near indestructible.

The problem is with a all rigid canoes and kayaks is transporting and storage.

Well Osprey have built this child sized sit-on top kayak, called the Kiddy Kayak.

You get all the safety aspects of a sit-op top kayak (buoyancy, stability, tough, child is not enclosed), but in a smaller sized package that will be easier for a smaller child to manage.

At only 1.8 metres long and just under 13kg heavy, it is easier to transport than many other sit-on tops. Plus, the smaller beam will make it easier for smaller people to manoeuvre.

There’s also another advantage I can see: when the beach it, it is light enough for them to be able to drag it up the shore and not leave it floating around for Dad to paddle after and retrieve! 😉

It also comes with a child-sized paddle and is available in blue, pink, or yellow.

They include standard features such as a drainage plug and carry handle.

Osprey Kiddy Kayak - Child-sized canoe


Gav Grayston
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Gav Grayston


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Gav Grayston

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