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Planning a summer camp or an overnight stay with a toddler?  No bed?  No sleeping bag?  Consider a Ready Bed.

Junior Ready Bed


Ready Beds

Junior Ready Beds are small inflatable beds with a built in sleeping bag.  Simply inflate and the bed is ready.

The sleeping bag part is detatchable and so easy for washing.


  • Relatively cheap and widely available with a large selection of their favorite characters.   You can let your child choose one, which will certainly help them wanting to use it.
  • The air bed is built in.  Often comes with a very basic foot pump.
  • Can be used for camping (though not winter camping), and overnight stays elsewhere.


  • The sleeping bag part is very thin.  If camping you’ll need to bring some additional blankets.
  • The air beds are cheaply made.  Often the valve doesn’t have a great seal and you may need to re-inflate a little each day.
  • The cheap foot pumps supplied aren’t very good.  However, if camping, I suspect you already have a pump for air beds and you can either use that pump, or attatch the pump to the hose of the cheap foot pump to inflate.
Top tip: if you have two adults and one toddler, or two adults with two kids plus a toddler, staying in hotel rooms gets more expensive.   If the room can fit a cot, speak to the hotel about bringing your own toddler ready bed.  Most will be perfectly fine about it and is saves on getting a larger or two rooms – a massive saving on the cost.

Disney Cars Junior Ready Bed Review

So we have been using our Disney Cars Junior Ready Bed for at least 3 years.

We’ve taken it camping. We’ve taken it to hotels. It’s also been used for sleepovers.

Despite having a toddler jumping on it and toys in the bed, we’ve not had one puncture. This lasted a lot longer than we expected.

Our little lad is now a bit bigger. The bed still fits him, but for camping we’ve now got him a dedicated camping airbed (See Kampa Airlock Junior Airbed mentioned below for more details).

Things to watch for

  • Inflating with the supplied pump takes a while. We use our electric pump when possible, but use the adaptor from the supplied pump.
  • The ready-bed will slowly loose some air over a few days. Just top it up with the pump.
  • Make sure you have secured the valve properly.
  • It can make a noise. When your child turns over the sleeping bag rubs against the plastic, which can make a noise – a bit like a ballon being rubbed.
    We don’t get this noise on our camping air beds as they are flocked.

Toddler Camping Airbed

If you’d like an airbed for camping then we recommend the Kampa AirLock Junior Airbed. Read our review here.


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