The Family Tent Guide

The Family Tent Guide

Welcome to The Family Tent Guide.

If you are looking for a new family tent, either your first or to replace your current tent, then you’ve arrived the right place.

Use the form to find a tent that meets your family’s needs.

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Family Tent Reviews

We have more detailed reviews on a number of tents. Browse the list below.

The Vango Diablo – A pod style tent ideal for larger families

The Vango Diablo has an interesting shape, where the sleeping compartments are in ‘pods’ off the main living area.

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Adventure Camping with the Robens X3 HT Tent

We’ve been using the Robens X3 HT Tent. A great little tent for quick weekend getaways or outdoor activities.

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Tested: 4 Different Inflatable Tents

Are you considering getting an inflatable tent? We compare 4 different popular brands.

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Zempire Aero TXL – A big family tent from down under

The Zempire Aero TXL is a massive inflatable family tent. We get a closer look and try it out.

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Coleman Valdes 6L Tent Review

Along with many other brands, Coleman too has a range of inflatable tents, which have some interesting features. We check out the Coleman Valdes 6L.

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A great weekender: The Vango Ravello 500

We test out the Vango Ravello 500 inflatable family tent.

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An Inflatable Monty? We try the new Outwell Smart Air tent

We give the new Outwell Montana 6SA a test. Read this review to see how we got on with it. We also compare this Monty against the other Outwell Montana tents.

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The Vango Sierra 300

We get away in the Vango Sierra 300 for a ‘dad and lad’ camp. It proves to be a great little tent.

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Vango Illusion 800 vs. Outwell Corvette XL

Are you stuck deciding between an Outwell Corvette XL and a Vango Illusion 800 tent? One read was. We look at the differences.

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Zempire Aerodome 2 Inflatable Tent

The Zempire Aerodome 2 is an inflatable family dome tent, with a few different design features.

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