Tent Canopies, Porches, and Extensions – Search for one that fits your tent

Looking to make your tent bigger?

If you are taking your family away for a number of nights, making your tent a bit bigger can certainly make life a little easier, even if it is just somewhere to keep muddy boots.

On this page, we try to help you find an extension for your tent, even if the manufacturer doesn’t make one.

There are three steps to follow.

Step 1 – Browse the list of Extensions and Awnings for Tents

Step 1Browse the brand logos below. There might be an extension available or some suggestions of extensions you might want to consider.

Step 1 - Browse the Tent Extensions and Awnings >>

Not found anything? Then go to Step 2.

Step 2 – Search for an extension or awning using your tent’s height & width

Step 2 – Put in your tent’s height, and if you are after a front extension, your tent’s width too, into our Tent Extension Search.

Step 2 - Tent Extension Search >>

Still no match? Go to Step 3.

Step 3 – Learn how to create a rain shelter

Step 3 – You might still be able to create a shelter from the elements and create a bit more space. See our guide to creating a shelter with a camping tarp kit.

Step 3 - How to create a shelter with a camping tarp kit >>

  • Coleman Awnings, Extensions, and Canopies
  • Awnings and extensions for Easy Camp tents
  • Extensions and awnings for Gelert Tents
  • Canopies and extensions for Halfords and Urban Escape tents
  • Extensions and awnings for Hi Gear Tents
  • Awnings, canopies, and extensions for Kampa tents
  • Canopies and extensions for Litchfield Tents
  • Extensions and Awnings for Outwell Tents
  • Extensions for Regatta Tents
  • Canopies and awnings for Robens Tents
  • Awnings and Extensions for Skandika Tents
  • Extensions and awnings for Sprayway Tents
  • Awnings, extensions, and canopies for Vango Tents
  • Awnings and extensions for Zempire Tents

Still can’t find an extension for your tent?

Click here to see if an extension from another tent will fit >>
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