Kids Head Torches – No need to be scared of the dark

It can be hard to find kids head torches, but you’ll find many ‘adult’ products adjustable to fit a lot of kids heads, especially these days where modern head torches use LEDs and don’t need big batteries, so the weight of an ‘adult’ torch is not a problem for kids.

However there are some torches specifically made for kids.

Proper Head Torches for Kids

Diamond Black have produced the Wiz Head Torch, which is available in either blue or pink.

It has been designed with kids in mind and is rated for child safety, and has features such as protecting access to the battery, snapping open the strap of they get entangled, and auto turn-off after two hours in case it gets accidentally left on.

Wiz Head Torch - Electric Blue
Wiz Head Torch - Electric Blue
  customer reviews...
A compact Kid's headlamp with plenty of light and features for any young adventurer

(as of 25/10/2016 - info)


There are a few head torches that are more closer to toys than specially designed head torches for outdoor activities, such as camping, but here are a couple that may be worth considering.


A two pack of head torches for kids.  Simple and cost effective.
Energizer have created this simple pack of two headlights.  This may be worth considering as a cheap solution, especially if you need to provide head torches for a number of kids.

They come with a shatterproof lens, kids sized adjustable head strap, on/off push button, and two 2032 batteries (included) that should last up to 30 hours.

Energizer Kids Headlight X2 pack
Energizer Kids Headlight X2 pack
 26 customer reviews...
Energiser Kids Headlights Brand New in Packet. Ideal for Camping or reading in bed at night
(as of 25/10/2016 - info)
Summit Kids Head Torch
Another notable mention is the range of Kid’s Head Torches from Summit.

You can get these in monkey, lion, and frog characters.

Summit Childs Monkey Headlight - Multicoloured
Summit Childs Monkey Headlight - Multicoloured
 14 customer reviews...
Summit Adventures Animal Headlight Monkey design 2 Ultra Bright LED'S 2 x AAA Batteries (included) Elasticated head strap Compact and lightweight
£7.99 £5.11
(as of 25/10/2016 - info)


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