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Why camping with kids?

Most people can recall their childhood when they made dens and invented imaginary adventures.  Well even today, with PlayStations and Nintendos, phones and the internet, kids still like adventures.  Children love camping.

Children love camping
For the very small child, taking them camping exposes them to sights and sounds they typically wouldn’t have at home.  There are many campsites located on farms, and you’ll often find that they will show the children the animals.

If your child is older, camping turns the imaginary den into the real thing.  Sleeping in a tent, creating a campfire and staying up late in the dark listening to ghost stories, and building dams in streams or swinging on a rope.

And for the older child and teenager, longer adventures and challenges awaits that teaches them independence, self reliance, and confidence – all important life skills. (Read up on the Duke of Edinburg Awards for how to turn those family camping trips into a broader goal).

What about the adults?

Enjoying a campfire at the New House Farm Campsite
Camping gets you away from the every day life and routine.  Away from work.  Away from the TV.  Away from the computer.  You have to spend time as a family.

Involve your child in activities and jobs around the camp.  Teach them how to build a campfire.  Get them to help build a shelter.  Let them help cook.

Also, camping is relatively cheap.  You can have many short breaks throughout the year for a lot less than one single week’s holiday abroad.

What you need to know

Get Out With The Kids is all about family adventures, and camping is a big part of that.  Here’s some pointers to stuff you can find here to make camping with kids fun.

  • You can read up on camping tips.  These are useful if you are just getting started, or have camped before but want to make it better. (See the sidebar on the right)
  • You can look at this list of campsites that are ideal for the family outdoor adventure. They are relaxed and family friendly, and most allow campfires for that real camping experience.  Want to go to a specific area? Use the ‘find campsites’ in the side bar at the top of this page.
  • Finally, we have reviewed a lot of Camping Equipment that will help make things go smoothly or inject that little bit more adventure when camping with kids.

And one more thing…

All the pictures from this page are not ‘stock photos’ created by a photographer with models.  These are real places that you and your kids could be camping at.  Click on any of the photos to find out more about that campsite.

Gav Grayston
Father to 3 kids, who loves getting out and about (hiking, running, camping, cycling, canoeing...) ....but unfortunately spends too much time behind a computer keyboard than he would like! Co-founded Get Out With The Kids to help other parents enjoy the outdoors with their family.
Gav Grayston


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Gav Grayston
Gav Grayston
  • Barry

    we have 2 children aged 8 and 11
    they love camping as well
    we are off to shell island in the school holidays :D

    • Get out with the kids

      Hi Barry,

      Yes, we like Shell Island too. Especially by those giant sand dunes.