Why you need a Camping Tarp

Camping tarps are an essential item for camping.

  • They provide a safe place to cook away from your tent
  • Somewhere to shelter from the elements – carrying on even when it is raining
  • Sit out and enjoy the campfire – protect from the wind and retain the heat

You can of course take the DIY option, and create your own shelter from cheaply available tarps.  This is what we do, and can quickly put up some quite large shelters, even enabling to pitch when it is raining whilst keeping most of the wet off.  (Read more on creating tarp shelters).

Camping Tarp Kits

The DIY option is advisable and cheap to put together, but why would you want to buy a kit?

  • Simple all-in-one solution
  • Tarps are better quality than normal cheap general purpose tarps
  • You can get some lightweight solutions that are great for backpacking (and useful even if not camping)

Vango Adventure Tarp

Here’s a video of the Vango Adventure Tarp.  This is an ideal back-packing solution, and a useful addition to many smaller backpacking tents.

Still practical for family camping as well as an additional shelter for around the fire, or even a beach shelter.

Outwell Deluxe Tarp

The Outwell Deluxe Tarp is very different to the Vango Adventure Tarp, and provides a larger shelter area, and therefore a more practical solution for family camping.

Two steel poles are provided with this tarp, enabling you to create a simple shelter with an apex (as shown in the picture).  An ideal place to put your camping table or camp kitchen.

Outwell Polycotton Tarp

Very similar to Outwell’s Deluxe Tarp is a version that uses their Polycotton material, providing a 3.5m squared shelter.

The Outwell Polycotton is a mix of cotton (65%) and polyester (35%).

Both Outwell Tarps have the same dimensions.

Robens Trail Tarp

Sitting somewhere between the Vango Adventure Tarp and the Outwell Tarps is the Robens Trail Tarp.

This is a 3m x 3m tarp (so slightly smaller area than the Outwell), but with many attachment points.

This is a flexible tarp that you may want in your kit bag as it packs small for trekking (54x16cm), can be used with trekking poles (as shown), or you can use with tent poles in a set-up similar to the Outwell.

Note that no poles are supplied with this tarp.

High Peak Tarp

Camping Tarp Shelter
You can get the High Peak Tarp in 3 sizes.

This is a tarp we bought from Amazon and have been using this now in some pretty bad weather, and its held up well, even when there’s been strong winds.

Read our full review on the High Peak Tarp Shelter here.

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