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Here’s a few ideas of things to do when out and about with the kids.

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Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter Crafts for Kids

Here’s a collection of Easter crafty ideas for kids. Not just things to do indoors, we’ve found some outdoor activities too of course.

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Go Ape Tree Top Junior Review – Family Fun in the Trees

Walking up high at Go Ape's Tree Top Junior

We had an excellent time at Go Ape’s Tree Top Junior adventure. Don’t be fooled by the Junior bit. This is a high ropes course, but designed for kids. Give it a go. It’s a great family activity.

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18 Tips for a Woodland Walk with Kids

The 'Get Out With The Kids' Gang playing in the woods

A walking in the woods doesn’t have to be dull for the kids. There’s loads of fun things to do. Here’s a list of ideas to help brighten your woodland walk.

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Finding Dinosaur Teeth & Other Fossils

Finding a Dinosaur Tooth

Finding Dinosaur Teeth is an activity our little lad came up with, and could be a useful distraction when out on a walk. There are places though where you can find real fossils, and we cover those too.

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Spotting the First Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring on our Fridge Door

There are a few first signs of Spring approaching as early as January. Here’s some things to spot and a download for you and your kids to use.

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Stargazing and Watching the Night Sky

Watching the night sky

Stargazing is a fun activity that you can do as a family. It’s also a great activity to add onto a camping trip in the countryside, away from light pollution of towns and cities.

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Making a Rudolf at Christmas Forest School

The 3 Rudolphs

Making a wooden Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a great activity we did at Forest School. Great fun in the woods in the run up to Christmas.

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Making a Bird Feeder out of a Recycled Plastic Bottle

Recycled Bottle Bird Feeder

Here’s something you can get out and do in the garden with your kids: make a bird feeder out of an old plastic bottle. Let the kids decorate it.

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Making a Bug Hotel for Winter

Finished Bug Hotel

Making a bug hotel is a great Autumn project for you and your kids in the garden. It’s good for the environment and your garden too.

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Wildlife Photography with a Trail Camera Trap

Badger caught by camera trap - from Nature Spy

Trial camera traps are now within reach of most of us thanks to the reduced cost of technology. This could be an interesting project to do with your kids, and discover your local wildlife.

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