Calling All Parents

Life can be tough as a parent.

Balancing busy family life with the demands of kids, plus everything else that needs to be done…such as earning a living!

Not to mention all health issues caused by modern life, where we spend a lot of our days sitting down behind screens. Obesity rates are on the rise. What’s the future hold for our kids?

A Solution: Get Outdoors

Getting outside, reconnecting with nature, and getting away from the day to day rate race is going to have its health benefits.

Doing it as a family also brings that much-needed quality family time, which is fast disappearing from modern family life.

How we can help

We are all about getting outdoors with the kids.

We have lots of guides and tips for getting outdoors, hiking, camping, canoeing, and a whole lot more. All the ingredients for your to create your own family outdoor adventures.

Are you in?

So if you want to get out with the kids, come and join thousands of other parents like you, who are making a difference to their family life.

Join thousands of other parents who, like you, want to get their kids outside and active.
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Just returned from our very first family camping trip. it was brilliant, kids totally loved it, and so did the parents! Already planning another one, thankyou for inspiring me with your brilliant site, which definitely helped me feel more confident. Keep up the good work guys! – Kay

We’ve only recently discovered GOWTK just as we start our family camping adventures. Thanks for the excellent reviews, suggestions and ideas. This is a must-have resource, which we’re already using to plan our next camping trip – Mark K

Since coming across your site last week you have quickly become my favourite website. – Charles V

I write to you to tell you that after I read more sections of your website I’m amazed with the good job you are doing. I’m going to use your info and try every activities with the kids (especially camping and canoeing 🙂 ). Big thanks again 🙂 — Fitz S

Your camping on the hills has inspired me.
Thank you. – Tracy R

Thanks to @GetOutKids for recommending Meredith Farm in Herefordshire. Great site. As it said on the tin.

— Jamie W (@gengerpeg)

@GetOutKids thanks for the newsletters and links. Used some of your top tips for our recent camping trip to Anglesey it was fantastic. — Claire (@claire03404407)

For those with kids who like being outdoors I highly recommend the aptly names @GetOutKids for great ideas like this — Adrian W (@thewebologist)

Totally inspired to meet the family behind @GetOutKids today! Awesome resource for families searching for adventure — Megan Hine (@Meg_Hine)

A great resource for adventures with kids: — Alastair Humphreys (@Al_Humphreys)

My new favourite site @GetOutKids ! Love love love it 🙂 — Vanessa G (@vanessagall2)

Join thousands of other parents who, like you, want to get their kids outside and active.
You'll receive a regular newsletter to your inbox, bringing you ideas and inspiration for getting out with your kids.
We hate spam. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else.

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About the people behind Get Out With The Kids

GOWTK is run by busy parents, juggling kids, jobs, schools, and all the normal stuff that goes with family life.

Shell and Gav founded GOWTK in 2011 after their frustration that there wasn’t any decent information out there for families to get out and enjoy outdoor activities with their kids.

Regular Writers

Mum to three kids and loves getting out and about with them. Co-founded Get Out With The Kids to help other parents enjoy getting out and about with their kids. You can often find Shell on Twitter @GetOutKids.
Gav Grayston
Father to 3 kids, who loves getting out and about (hiking, running, camping, cycling, canoeing...) Co-founded Get Out With The Kids to help other parents enjoy the outdoors with their family.

Other Contributors

Here’s a selection of other people that have written for Get Out With The Kids. (Thanks!)

Anna loves nature, being outside, boho clothes, festivals, music, climbing, yoga and trying new things. An adventurer and thrill seeker by heart with little to no patience...and two daughters.
Katie Lonsdale

Katie Lonsdale

Katie is a mum of two and a GOWTK subscriber. Katie and her family first started camping in 2014, and love getting out with their kids. Read about their adventures here on Get Out With The Kids.
Jen Benson
Jen and her husband Sim are authors of the book Wild Running. They are now embarking on a new adventure: A Wild Year. Keep coming back to see how Jen and family manage to live wild for a year.
Andy Grigg

Andy Grigg

Currently living and teaching Geography in Devon, Andy Grigg first visited the Lake District over twenty five ago. His first visit marked the beginning of a lifelong romance. Passions apart from the Lakes include; walking, reading, music and his family. He has been married to Tania for nearly twenty years, and they have two teenage sons – William and Tom.
Charles R Scott
National Geographic-featured adventurer and United Nations “Climate Hero” Charles Scott left a 14-year career at Intel Corporation to become a writer and family adventurer. Author of the book, Rising Son: A Father and Son’s Bike Adventure across Japan, he takes his kids on endurance challenges linked to charitable causes and writes about the experiences. His family adventures have been covered by media around the world, and his essays have been published by National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel, CNBC, The Huffington Post, MSN, and more. He blogs at and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign: Rewards include a one-on-one consultation to help you plan your own adventure.
Karl Wait
Karl Wait lives in Wooler, Northumberland, England and is a Mountain Marathon/ Ultra runner as well as a scout leader and is training to become a qualified Mountain Leader. He is also a father Evie 16 and Daisy 7 and is married to Cindy. His daughter has a blog at
Libby Chivers
Libby is a unique lady who may have been a mermaid in a previous life! She has a love of everything outside and a passion for adventuring in the sea! If you can’t find her outside she might be baking cakes or trying to work a computer!?With 12 years working in the outdoor pursuits industry, leading groups of children & adults on various multi adventure activities including; surfing, climbing, sailing, coasteering, high-ropes courses, kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, mountain biking, team building and foraging she has a few bits of knowledge ;)
Shane Swannick
Shane is a married Dad of two and proud native of the Shropshire Hills. He has spent several years living in the Lake District and served all over the world in the British Army, where he was a Mountain Expedition Leader. A keen outdoorsman and hillwalker/mountaineer, these days he works in education and is a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Assessor. Proud of the hills he grew up in, he can usually be found with his camera in hand, trying to convince his kids (sometimes successfully) that being outdoors is more fun than the TV!
Stephen Ashworth
Steve is a Climber, Runner, Photographer and film maker based in Ambleside. Rowan and Tom (6 and 4) keep him busy dreaming up exciting adventures, how far can a 4 year run over the fells ? how long will a 6 year old be able to swim in the lake when it’s below 10 degrees? will my wife allow us to do an open sea crossing in the canoe? How long will it take us to run to Grandma’s House. Only one way to find out..
Trish MacCurrach
You can catch up with Trish and find more about Kotlich Cooking, as well as some great campfire recipes, over at The Outdoor Kitchen


Lucy is one of our younger adventurers. She has been doing activities outdoors from a very young age and is working through her DofE awards.
their lives changed forever
Both Gav and Shell always loved hiking, cycling, camping, canoeing, and other water sports, but when their first child was born, they experienced the same thing that happens to every other parent: their lives changed forever.

It was important to them that their kids would experience the outdoors and what the world had to offer…..but it soon became clear that doing things with babies and small children would require a very different approach.

doing things with babies and small children would require a very different approach
Back then, there wasn’t really any internet as we know it today, and there were not many books. So, they learned by trial and error and picking up whatever information they could.

Fast forward several years and now with three children, weekend adventures, and outdoor activities were the norm. However, there was still very little information out there.

weekend adventures and outdoor activities were the norm
Many of Gav’s and Shell’s friends would ask them things about how to take their kids camping, where to find campsites that allow campfires, and how they can get their kids hiking.

So, ‘Get Out With The Kids’ was born to help other parents enjoy outdoor activities with their family.

On top of Thorpe Cloud
Gav and Shell don’t consider themselves experts and are still trying new things and learning on their journey as parents. So sign-up to stay up to date with their adventures and read the articles and guides on this website so that you can get out with your family too.

Some of the gang behind Get Out With The Kids

Get Out With The Kids Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 9901677

Welcome to Get Out With The Kids.

We help parents just like you get their family enjoying the benefits of the great outdoors.

Join over 15,000 other parents in the GOWTK community. 
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